Snake Pit U.S.A. Mixed Martial Arts and Fitness Center Hybrid Muay Thai Kickboxing solid striking curriculum.

What is the Snake Pit U.S.A.’s Hybrid Muay Thai Program?

All Snake Pit U.S.A. programs build upon our Catch Wrestling foundation. Our “Hybrid Muay Thai” Program is a solid striking curriculum that builds specifically upon Catch Wrestling techniques and is broken down into simple levels with easy to follow lessons and routines filmed in High Definition video.


Why should you choose Snake Pit U.S.A.’s Hybrid Muay Thai Program?

Muay Thai Kickboxing and Savate are considered two of the best striking arts in the world. Our “Hybrid Muay Thai Program” utilizes these styles’ fast and effective punches, precise elbow strikes & devastating knee strikes from close range and in the clinch. It also includes powerful and accurate kicks that can be used very effectively at mid to long range.

  • All our programs are built by fighters & coaches for fighters & coaches!
  • Our staff has decades of experience in both fighting & coaching in these specific types of events.
  • Muay Thai is not only a great piece to add to your MMA program but it is a way to generate more interest in your business and add individuals who are not necessarily interested in fighting but would like to lose weight or train and condition like a fighter. After all kickboxing is the # 1 Combat that women practice.
  • Fighters can dramatically maximize their individual skill set by adding Muay Thai to their arsenal.
  • MMA Fighters can take their MMA game to the next level using these effective strikes with your Catch Wrestling skills to dominate in the cage
  • As you advance through our Muay Thai program you will become proficient in all areas of stand up fighting.
  • You will learn how to properly punch, elbow, knee & kick while maintaining a solid stance, and learn how to use and control the clinch effectively.
  • Snake Pit U.S.A.’s Muay Thai program is also another very effective means of self defense.
  • As always, our lesson plans are detailed and easy to follow.
  • Soon there will be dozens of Muay Thai videos in our member’s section!